Creating Education IT Solutions that Increase Connection & Communication


Private elementary, college and high schools rely on technology more than ever for effective communication between teachers, students, faculty, administration and parents. With many class assignments, textbooks, homework and communication going through your network, a reliable IT solution is critical, or the productivity of both your students and administration can come to an abrupt stop.

We can help you implement solutions that:

Increase productivity: We recommend and design IT solutions for online textbook delivery, homework submission, student storage and more, so that your community experiences low downtime, fast transition speeds, and streamlined communications.

Improve communications: Whether you use Google Drive, or a proprietary student submission program, we can optimize your network speed, storage, security and monitoring so your school’s IT environment is a healthy, safe place for your community.

Cost-effective expertise: We provide project design and implementation help when you need it. You benefit from expert advice and an IT solution that is flexible and upgradable. You can also choose from flexible service arrangements that include everything from fully-managed networks to project work, or a bi-annual network health check and remediation.

We understand that in order to provide the best possible learning experience for students, schools must keep their network up and running at peak performance.

Contact us to talk about your IT solution and service needs.