Focus Technology Inclusive

Managed IT Services and maintenance

With Focus Technology Inclusive you get unlimited Help-Desk, along with complete monitoring, Managed IT Services and maintenance, plus tons of add-on options to create a comprehensive IT solutions package that is tailored to fit your organization’s needs. The Focus Technology Solutions Inclusive base package consists of three core components: Monitoring, Maintenance and Support.


Focus Technology actively monitors your infrastructure and checks job statuses. If a job isn’t running correctly, we will determine cause and notify the on-site tech (if applicable) or will repair remotely. Our team also installs service packs and “hot fixes” as needed.


Antivirus is installed on both your fileserver and Exchange server (if applicable). Focus Technology verifies your virus protection files for you as well as ensures automatic updates and prompt removal of Spyware/Malware. Focus Technology also actively monitors your firewall and checks for updates.

We constantly keep an eye on server disk space, and clean-up temporary and unnecessary files, while keeping track of security patches and updates. Focus Technology Solutions will also review all event logs and notify a technician if additional action is required.


Unlimited Help Desk support from Focus Technology Solutions Inc allows you to have issues troubleshot and fixed remotely.

Additionally, a dedicated Tech becomes a member of your team, and can also assist your organization’s satellite locations and mobile users. You can even schedule an on-site technician on-demand or regularly, like once a week. Techs are supported by an IT manager. Available from 8:30am-6:30pm, the IT Manager is a high level technology strategist. Especially helpful during moves and relocations, an IT Manager can assist you with account relations and provides a CTO level of consulting.

With On-call Support, a Tech can either manage an issue remotely or on-site if necessary. On-call associates respond within 30 minutes and can help with additional hosting, networking, and device management.

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