The Challenges of Compliance Management and Designing Proper Controls


Compliance Challenges

Compliance is a hot issue these days. Focus keeps up-to-date on the latest compliance management guidelines. Many audit regulations now require proper controls around access and auditing of unstructured data on file systems, Exchange servers and SharePoint servers. Under these regulations, access control should be granted to only those resources that are required to perform a user’s function. We can recommend the right tools to centrally manage this information.

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Compliance Management Solutions

One of the keys to managing compliance is having a common set of controls around the access and auditing of unstructured data and file systems. We have experts that stay up-to-date on compliance changes and various software tools you can use to provide a common framework for the central management of all your varied compliance needs. We recommend solutions with real-time security control evaluation, as well as:

  • Asset discovery
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Intrusion detection
  • Service availability monitoring
  • Log management
  • File Integrity monitoring (FIM)

We recommend solutions that cover all of your compliance needs, while simplifying management using a graphical dashboard with flexible reporting capabilities.

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