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From data storage solution design to hyper-converged solutions, data management covers a lot of topics. When you are planning for the full data lifecycle, you will benefit from the guidance of experts who regularly design and integrate data management solutions. At Focus, we listen to your needs and create a solution that improves data access, speed and security.

With mobile access being a pervasive need for most businesses, there are now more potential security, capacity and speed considerations than ever. Because we design data management solutions regularly, we employ best practices that most businesses never even consider. Our data management experts are frequently the difference between a successful solution that performs well for years, and a frustrating solution that needs to be replaced much sooner. Popular needs are:

  • Increased storage needs
  • Storage Re-design
  • Converged Infrastructure Solutions
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

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Solving your Data Management Solution Challenges

Whatever your data management solution challenges, our professional services team can design a solution that helps you achieve your goals. Here is a sample of some common data management challenges:

  • Increased storage needs. We guide you through the pros and cons of flash storage, cloud storage (public, private or hybrid), archive storage and more. We help you choose the right storage for your speed and security needs, as well as ensure that your solution is stable and scalable.
  • Storage Re-design. Many companies find that over time, their legacy storage technology has become separate data silos that are time-consuming and expensive to manage. Other companies may have storage solutions with support that is reaching its end-of-life phase. With the numerous storage technologies that compose today’s modern business requirements, integrating different storage platforms (Flash, Object, File Sync, Cloud, etc.) for fast and efficient storage, is an imposing challenge. Focus can solve this challenge by creating high-performance storage solutions that meet your speed, capacity and cost requirements.
  • Converged Infrastructure Solutions. It today’s complex IT environment, coordinating business and technology solutions to meet your needs is difficult. Some customers want better visibility into all of their systems and real time access to information, while other customers are looking for secure mobile solutions. All of these needs require a solid foundation. Focus can package multiple IT solutions into a single, optimized computing solution. We design fast, stable and safe solutions that include servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, software for IT infrastructure management, automation, orchestration and more. We can centralize IT management, consolidate systems, lower maintenance burdens and offer pooled, policy-driven resources that can be shared by multiple applications
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions. While converged infrastructure solutions are a more hardware-focused solution, hyper-converged solutions are more software-oriented. Most organizations are looking to increase network speed, improve the visibility of information and ensure secure virtualization. The costs and level of integration between computers, storage, networking and virtualization can vary drastically based upon the licensing costs of the hypervisor. There are also numerous design pitfalls that you need to avoid. We have certified experts on staff that can guide you through this new way of looking at your IT systems and design a solution that ensures you meet your goals.

When you are ready to implement this technology, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs, and recommend a solution that can help your business manage its data.

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