Defending Your Organization Against Security Breaches: A 10 Step Approach

Posted by Bill Smeltzer on Thu, Dec 17, 2020

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By Bill Smeltzer, CSO

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US Calls On Federal Agencies To Power Down SolarWinds Orion Due To Security Breach (

Think it can never happen to you? As you can see from this latest news is that it happens to even top government agencies. The recent attack on our national SolarWinds Orion system by Russian hackers is certainly unsettling. It seems these days just about anyone can be hacked, any environment can be breached, and anyone can accidentally lose data. 

Here are ten steps you can take to guard your organization:

    1. Clean up and lock down your Active Directory
    2. Keep updated with patching systems
    3. Harden systems
    4. Create strong passwords – the longer the better
    5. Ensure accounts with elevated privileges can’t access the Internet
    6. MFA for everyone and everything
    7. SSO is the way to go
    8. Layer the tools to ID different types of malicious behaviors and anomalies
    9. SIEM & SOC services provide 24×7 monitoring and evidence collection
    10. Provide Security Awareness training

In times like this it is important to come together. Got security concerns? We can help you ensure that your IT environment is secure, and your data is safe. Please feel free to reach out to me at to discuss.


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