Introducing the In Focus Podcast Series

Join our CTO Larry Veino as we relaunch our In Focus Podcast series. We will launch a podcast a week in the month of October covering security topics in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and will continue releasing content covering the technology sector indefinitely. If you have topics you want covered, hit us up on social.

Episode 1: Build a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Program

Our Director of Networking & Security Greg Gleason joins us to cover the Focus approach to security and The Focus Security Wheel. This session will cover the critical areas that need to be addressed and how you can get into the 90th percentile of protection by following industry standards like NIST. Tune in if you need to upgrade your security posture, or are dreading an upcoming cyberinsurance policy renewal.

Episode 2: It’s time to take another look at Cisco System’s security portfolio

The conversation with Greg Gleason continues as the team dives into how Cisco Systems security investments has allowed them to build out a comprehensive strategy that overlays the Focus Security Wheel. With Cisco you can deploy an intergrated security foundation powered by Talos, while saving time and money.

Episode 3: The Road to Achieving Compliance Certification

Focus’s Chief Strategy Officer, Bill Smeltzer, joins the party to discuss the SOC 2 certification process. Focus is a member of a unique group of MSPs (only @10% nationally) that hold SOC 2 status. The team will also dive into the recently released SEC cybersecurity requirements for public companies, and why that may be a precursor of things to come.

Episode 4: What makes up a Security Operations Center?

Arctic Wolf’s Todd Maillet joins us to discuss the Security Operations Center (SOC) space. This session will discuss what really goes into building a SOC, the NIST Security Operations Framework, how Arctic Wolf is delivering value in this space and providing broad visibility, and how to potentially increase your Cyber Insurance policy coverage while saving on premiums.

Episode 5: The changing requirements of Data Protection and the Impacts of Cybersecurity

The man, the myth, the legend Ragavendra Bsrao aka Rags joins the podcast to talk about how to design a comprehensive Data Protection strategy, how SaaS has helped to simplify the space, and cybersercurity incidents and ransomeware have continued to put pressure on data environments

Episode 6: How Dell APEX Backup Service SaaS offering simplifies backup

The Data Protection conversation continues with Rags as the team dives into how Dell APEX Backup Service provides NextGen backup protection. Dell’s SaaS based solution checks all the boxes providing protection of hybrid environments, SaaS apps, and ransomeware protection that keeps backups safe and speeds up restore times in the event of an incident.

Episode 7: Protecting the Edge with Cisco

The threat landscape continues to expand as cyber attacks in 2023 increased 30% from 2022.  With 13 attacks ocurring every second, couples with hybrid work environments, there has never been a larger need to protect the edge.  Join us as Tom Kiley, a security engineer with Cisco discusses the theat and how to protect the edge.

Episode 8: Security Operations with Cisco XDR

Security Operations teams are under more pressure than ever defend an ever-expanding attack surface. If you are running your own Security Operations and looking at ways to improve efficiency, and to detect and respond to attacks sooner, than take a listen as Tom Kiley from Cisco joins the podcast again to discuss Cisco’s XDR product. Learn how XDR is helping customers detect sophisticated threats, elevate productivity by cutting through the noise and acting on what truly matters, and closing security gaps and building resilience.

Episode 9: Focus vCISO Program

Join Larry Veino, Focus CTO, and Bill Smeltzer, Focus Chief Security Officer as they discuss how the Focus vCISO program helps customers build out or mature their cyber security program.

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