Cybersecurity: What You Can Do To Protect Your Infrastructure

Learn about Cybersecurity issues facing today’s businesses and how to get help protecting your IT infrastructure. Larry Veino, CTO and Greg Gleason, Director, Managed Services Operations of Focus share their expert insights.

10-minutes with Mike – Why he’s so excited about Dell PowerStore for today’s data center

In less than 10-minutes, you’ll hear from Mike Godfrey, Sr. VP, Engineering, Focus Technology, why this groundbreaking next gen storage solution by Dell is best in its class.

Profit From Your Data

Are you interested in learning how your business can benefit from a powerful data solution? Hear from Steve DiPietro, VP of Data Analytics Practice at Focus and former Snowflake customer, discuss a real life case study on how Snowflake’s near zero management ecosystem positively and profitably impacted his workflow at a global Fortune 500 retailer.

VMware and VDI / Virtual Desktop Architecture Real Lessons

Join Larry & Ahmed as they discuss the various ways Focus Technology clients are securely moving to the cloud, how the SASE architecture/framework is embedded into the solution, and how many are overcoming security, network, and VPN concerns in today’s remote work environment. If you want to deploy VDI, reduce complexities, and leverage cloud – you’ll also hear why Larry and Ahmed believe that the VMware suite is the best choice.

Why Barracuda is Today’s Best IT Defense

Join Focus Technology’s VP of Engineering Services, Mike Godfrey, VP of Managed Services and Cloud Operations, Ahmed Fadili, and Systems Architect, Christos Palioglou, as they delve into the top issue facing IT organizations today: cybersecurity. Hear about the tools available to help ward off phishing attacks, malware, stolen credentials and more in today’s environment of the remote workforce.

Focus Dell Power Product Launch July 2020

Feel the Power of Focus and Dell “Power”-ful solutions. Focus experts Larry, Mike and Rags share top points about Dell Power storage and servers. Plus get a live demo of Dell PowerStore, the most popular mid-range storage solution for today’s IT organizations. Visit for more info.

It’s a Storage Thing

Listen in as Larry, CTO of Focus Technology and Mike, VP, Engineering discuss the state of IT storage today. Learn about the metamorphosis from consuming data center floor tiles and running out of real estate, to implementing virtualization, flash and high capacity drives, and dramatically shrinking the amount of space consumed.

The Buzz on Today’s IT Servers

Listen in as Larry, CTO of Focus and Mike, VP, Engineering discuss how exciting servers really are! Advancements in the past 12 months especially Dell’s PowerEdge line of servers overpower anything from the previous generations.

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