3 Tips to Future Proofing Your Data Solution

Posted by Steve DiPietro on Tue, May 11, 2021

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By Steve DiPietro, VP of Data Analytics Practice

Many organizations utilize data warehouse appliances for their data analytics needs. Most models have already reached their end of life/support dates. Many others can’t scale to meet the current demands and future workloads.

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We work in a digital world that is constantly evolving, so having a well-engineered data ecosystem that can scale to handle continuous change is key. Working with strategic partners who will monitor the health of your platform and foster innovation is essential to the success of your business.

We know it can be overwhelming and difficult to keep up with new technology, but here are

Be Prepared
– Take inventory of your technology platforms and tools. Take stock in whether they are helping to drive your business forward or are an obstacle to growth. Understand the total cost of ownership including licensing, maintenance, and operations. Assess the labor market for requisite skills to manage your ecosystem and whether the findings put your business at risk. 3 tips to help future proof your data solutions:

  1. Research – Tap into your network! Professional organizations, social media, and your personal connections can be the biggest source of information when it comes to reviews, advice, and frequently asked/answered questions on products you might be interested in. Start a conversation with someone who is or has been in your shoes. Seek out resources who have successfully implemented solutions that are driving their business into the future. Ideally look for information that has to do with the installation process and longevity of the product. Ensure that the solution is future-proof and not an item you will have to soon rip and replace.
  2. Seek & Build a team of experts – Reach out to solution providers who do not work directly for the manufacturer. Often, a solution provider is committed to supplying you with all the information you are searching for while aspiring to build an IT environment that solves for your biggest challenges. It is typically free to have a conversation if you cannot find the answers you are looking for. These experts can provide you in depth valuable information that might have taken you weeks to obtain. They can also provide case studies that will support positive or negative findings of products, ultimately moving you forward in your decision-making process. They can also help with any migration assistance, smoothing out, and fast-tracking the road ahead.

A sound data strategy is fundamental to sustaining and growing your business, but doing it with the right process is key. It is imperative that your business stays up to date and has a plan related to transitioning and future proofing your environment to prevent your business from being adversely impacted.

If you are finding yourself in a position where you need to migrate off of an appliance or believe you need upgrades implemented within your business’s environment, do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Steve DiPietro

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