Next-Generation IT Infrastructure

At Focus Technology, we offer information technology (IT) infrastructure solutions to help you achieve greater operational efficiency, cost savings and scalability for your business.

What Is IT Infrastructure Modernization?

IT infrastructure modernization responds to the challenges businesses face while upgrading, maintaining and scaling their IT infrastructure requirements. It’s the process of optimizing existing cloud infrastructure by adopting, deploying or upgrading various platforms, implementing improvements and integrating them with existing infrastructure.

Our IT Infrastructure Solutions

When you come to Focus Technology for IT infrastructure managed services, you’ll receive expert assistance from our knowledgeable and experienced consultants.

As your storage devices reach the end of their lifecycles, it’s vital that you have a modernized alternative to help you navigate the changing IT landscape. We can solve your company’s most complex storage challenges by implementing a model that meets your specific requirements.

We offer four primary storage solutions:

  1. Midrange storage
  2. Enterprise storage
  3. Scale-out NAS
  4. Flash storage

You can achieve predictable application delivery, increased cost-efficiency, comprehensive security and easier infrastructure management when you embrace centralized computing. We help companies take advantage of converged infrastructure solutions to generate more flexible and efficient data centers and maximize their potential.

We’ll assist you with all of the following tasks:

  • Converged solution selection
  • Staffing role appointment
  • Physical and logistical deployment
  • Financial solution delivery
  • Technology integration
  • Business value achievement

Infrastructure virtualization is the process of creating multiple simulated environments or resources from an existing hardware system. Virtualization helps businesses increase flexibility, speed, agility and quality of service by automating existing operations.

We’ll aid you in IT infrastructure modernization by virtualizing numerous elements of your enterprise, including:

  • Servers
  • Desktop
  • Storage
  • Software-defined data centers

We can help you keep your operations running smoothly through planned outages, system crashes and unexpected failures with our personalized business continuity and disaster recovery services. Our IT infrastructure solutions deliver optimal flexibility and network redundancy to minimize the risk of data loss.

You can invest in any of our disaster recovery models:

  • Alternative/secondary data center
  • Hosted data center
  • Cloud-based data center

We support our customers’ bandwidth, application, end-user and security needs with our network design and optimization services. Our network architecture experts use our advanced optimization and analysis tools to create an innovative solution within your budget.

Challenges we resolve include:

  • Bandwidth evaluation and accommodation.
  • Virtual switching technology implementation.
  • Wide area network (WAN) optimization tool deployment.
  • Data protection, duplication and backup assessment.
  • WAN application performance enhancement.
  • IT infrastructure consolidation.
  • Recovery time objective (RTO)/recovery point objective RPO disaster recovery implementation.

Complimentary Technology Assessment

You can call us or contact us online to receive a free, personalized technology assessment from our experts.


Solutions That Address Today’s Most Demanding Business Challenges


Focus Technology provides next-generation IT infrastructure solutions that address today’s most demanding business challenges. Our experienced team of industry-certified solutions architects provides customized solutions specifically designed to address each client’s unique business requirements and strategic vision.


Our goal is to implement solutions that maximize real business value and return on investment. The experience of our certified engineering team, combined with our strategic partnerships, allows us the depth and breadth of technical capabilities to evaluate all of your organization’s IT requirements. Our consultants identify and test emerging technologies while maintaining a working knowledge of the broader technology ecosystem and the dynamics that drive IT transformation.


With an objective, vendor-neutral view, Focus Technology is dedicated to ensuring clients get maximum value from their infrastructure. We take pride in understanding the processes, tools and technologies that fuel successful organizations, from the critical applications businesses depend on to the best technologies underlying the core of the IT infrastructure.


Our consultants offer you vendor-neutral guidance in the design, development and implementation of today’s cutting-edge technologies. Learn more about how Focus Technology can help to modernize your data center with next-generation IT infrastructure solutions.

Why Choose Focus Technology for IT Infrastructure Managed Services?

We’ve spent over two decades delivering state-of-the-art IT solutions for customers across Boston and New England. We create advanced technologies individualized to our clients’ needs using our extensive engineering expertise and customer-first approach. It’s our goal to build long-term relationships with our customers while adhering to our values of flexibility, collaboration and growth.

Invest in IT Infrastructure as a Service at Focus Technology Today

You can modernize your organization with IT infrastructure as a service from Focus Technology. We strive to help customers optimize their IT assets to achieve the most value.

Contact us for more information on our solutions!

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