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Outsourcing your IT to a managed IT service provider like Focus Technology is advantageous for your business. As a provider working throughout the Northeast, we offer several valuable programs designed to meet your business objectives.


Managed IT services are when a third party handles all of a business’s IT tasks. When business owners outsource their company’s IT responsibilities to a service provider, they can save time, reduce costs, boost operational efficiency and ultimately focus on running their business.

Managed IT service providers deliver around-the-clock IT coverage while leveraging their specialized knowledge and expertise. They manage, monitor and maintain everything from company networks to infrastructures, applications and security at a significantly lower rate than a salaried IT team.

Some of the relevant benefits of using a managed IT service are:

  1. Improved security
  2. Proactive approach to IT problems
  3. Better uptime
  4. Gain access to newer technologies
  5. Cost savings over in-house IT
  6. Peace of mind
  7. Free internal staff for strategic work
  8. Tap into cloud solutions
  9. Lack of internal IT
  10. Handle remote office IT

Managed IT Services typically include services like network testing, overseeing security & risk mitigation, data storage, installation & upgrade management, web hosting,  network provisioning and more.

Managed IT Services can fall under a number of types including:

  • Networks and
  • Infrastructure.
  • Security
  • Support Service
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Data Center & End-Point Infrastructure Services

Our Managed IT Solutions​

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Focus Technology is your go-to managed IT service provider in Boston, offering a complete suite of IT management services individualized to your company’s unique business needs.

We offer three comprehensive managed IT service offerings.

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We help business leaders lead

Your business takes a lot to run. Having a strong IT structure in place is essential for everything to work in concert. But for many businesses, tending to the level of detail required to keep it all operating cohesively just isn’t possible.

That’s where Focus can help.

Holding the highest levels of certifications in the industry, our IT pros are on top of the fastest-moving trends in IT. This treasure trove of knowledge and expertise allows us to act quickly to resolve any technology issue. Offering a full range of IT services, we’ll take on any part or all of your IT responsibilities to help you improve operations, remove costly distractions and give the gift of time back to your staff.

We appreciate all that you do to keep us running!  2020 would have been such a disaster for us if you weren’t behind the scenes keeping us connected. I don’t even know how to say thank you enough. Happy New Year!

— Operations Manager, Architectural Firm


As a seasoned IT services company with advanced expertise across the IT landscape, we’ll help you:
  • Turn your IT function into a strategic asset
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Leverage the most current technologies
  • Maximize staff efficiency

Our Service Areas

While Focus Technology has headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, we serve businesses all over New England. Our IT as a service is available in:
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