Professional IT Consultant Services 

We have a team of experts that can help you with every step of your project.

Focus Technology serves businesses across the Northeast with expert consultant services. Our senior-level engineers will offer your team one-on-one advice so you can have peace of mind as you make key decisions. Whether you need our team to guide an entire infrastructure project or answer individual questions about cybersecurity as they arise, we can help.

We’ve been offering professional technology solutions to businesses like yours since 1997 and have built a legacy of excellence you can trust.

Our IT Consulting Solutions 

Focus Technology consultants provide professional insight on topics from help desk design to data analytics. Three examples of our core competency areas include next-generation infrastructure, cybersecurity and cloud applications. 

Innovative Infrastructure

If it’s time to refresh your infrastructure, the Focus Technology team can help. We’ll provide vendor-neutral guidance so you can move your data center into the next generation of IT. Our experts can provide advice on design, development and implementation to keep the project cost-efficient and on schedule. 

Powerful Security

Our consultancy team will guide you through crucial decisions, such as the choice between cybersecurity services and managed security. We can also provide insight regarding day-to-day decisions like what firewalls to choose and how to secure email and protect accounts.

Breakthrough Cloud Applications

Focus Technology can help you determine which cloud applications best fit your business. One option is an on-premise cloud structure that serves as a personalized cloud environment for your company where only you have access to the infrastructure.

Another approach, the hybrid cloud, can help your team manage and control some assets internally and others externally so you receive the benefits of private and public cloud features. The public cloud allows you to run everything from enterprise applications to mobile apps in the cloud for convenience with quick scaling options.  

Download our MSP Onboarding Checklist for more information.

Why Choose Focus Technology?

Decades of experience have taught our team what our clients need from professional IT services to keep their businesses safe and secure. Here’s a look at what sets us apart.


Focus Technology hires the best in senior-level engineers with specialties across a full range of IT services. Our team members understand how to help you maximize your operations and minimize costly distractions. Every moment we focus on bringing IT solutions is another moment you have to focus on your bottom line.


Focus Technology has a wide variety of credentials, and our employees have the latest in cutting-edge certifications for their individual specialties. As an organization, we hold AA Cyber Verification and Managed Service Provider (MSP) verification from the MSP Alliance. 


Many of our team members have specialized areas of contention with unique expertise and training. Our core competencies include: 

  • Networking
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Managed IT services
  • Data center infrastructure
  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Cloud and automation

Expert IT Consulting

Focus Technology offers expert IT consulting services to design and implement a solution that meets your exact needs and budget. Our team of best-in-class solutions architects work in a collaborative fashion with your organization to create a practical solution that is dependable, flexible and easy to manage. 

Focused on results, we leverage our team of project management professionals to ensure successful delivery every step of the way. With deep technology and engineering expertise, Focus Technology provides design and implementation services that seamlessly integrate with your existing IT environment. 

Our premier certifications, successful track record and proven methodologies have earned us continued business with some of the most recognizable organizations in the Northeast and across the country.

We have a team of experts that can help you with every step of your project. There are three main components of our solution:


The first thing we do is listen to your business goals. Then, we assess your current solution and talk through the options that can help you reach your objectives. Our team works collaboratively with your internal staff to create a practical solution that will be dependable, flexible and easy to manage.


While there are a lot of IT solution companies, many lack the experience to design solutions that seamlessly integrate with the wide variety of technologies most companies employ. Many companies promise an amazing solution, but lack the expertise to know which solutions work well together and how to avoid conflicts. 

When these companies get to the implementation stage, they frequently can’t deliver on the integration, leaving organizations frustrated. At Focus, our expert team has proven experience in designing and implementing the latest technologies. 

We have developed our own guide of best practices for design, and apply our decades of experience, to ensuring the solution we create can be seamlessly integrated with your existing IT environment.


Our dedicated team has a broad range of experience and is dedicated to staying on the job until your solution is up and running. We recognize that many internal IT teams are running lean. 

We go the extra mile to ensure you have a successful implementation. Our team also provides basic training and operation tips during implementation, so you know your systems will continue to operate successfully.

Focus Professional Services include project management, solution design validation, site preparation, installation and configuration, testing and validation, knowledge transfer and managed service options. 

Find Nationally Recognized IT Solutions With Focus Technology

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we can discuss your needs. It’s that simple. We will assess what IT solutions can help move your business forward, and then you decide how to proceed.

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