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IT Infrastructure Virtualization

Premier-level partnerships with the leading providers of virtualization technologies.

Focus’ premier-level partnerships with the leading providers of virtualization technologies are integral to making your IT infrastructure simpler, more efficient and easier to manage. One of the most effective ways to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs, virtualization can give your business increased agility, flexibility, speed and quality of service, automating operations to make your IT infrastructure simpler, more efficient and easier to manage. By separating workloads and data from the functional side of physical infrastructure, virtualization will let you deliver resources when and where they are needed to help your business become more flexible and responsive.

What Is IT Infrastructure Virtualization?

A virtual infrastructure uses software to handle the same processes as traditional hardware systems, like servers and desktops. Virtualization technology transfers data from physical components to software. Once the infrastructure is virtual, IT teams can efficiently allocate resources across multiple systems according to a company’s needs.

Virtualization simplifies IT processes, allowing teams to use resources effectively. In addition to resource utilization, virtualization offers:

  • Cost savings: Virtualization reduces the need for physical hardware, so your company can save on these expenses. These savings are particularly notable in large companies that handle high volumes of data and traffic. Virtual systems can take over where one or more servers are doing the work.
  • Flexibility: IT teams can quickly provision applications on virtual systems, allowing the system to adjust as workflows change. This flexibility also improves the employee experience for higher morale and productivity on the job.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, virtualization makes it easy to add CPU utilization for additional capabilities. When your company experiences seasonal or quarterly slowdowns, you can quickly scale back utilization to match company activities.
  • Simplicity: With automation technology and reporting, your team can stay connected to your infrastructure. With more visibility into your systems, performance changes are faster and accessible.

With modern companies relying on some form of IT infrastructure, virtualization addresses the inefficiencies associated with physical hardware. When hardware does not impact businesses, growth is more accessible across organizations.

Virtualization for Across Your Enterprise

Focus Technology provides a range of virtualization services to make your company more agile. Take a look at our options to find one or more solutions for your team. If you’re unsure which services are right for you, our experts will discuss your goals and needs to find the best virtualization technology for your success.

Our Virtualization Solutions

Server virtualization provides a tangible return on investment (ROI) by reducing server count, lowering power and cooling costs, cutting data center space requirements and enabling central administration. By consolidating a server cluster into a single resource, virtualization increases hardware utilization and improves reliability for a more robust business continuity and disaster recovery environment.

Server virtualization can be an excellent option for companies that have outgrown their spaces for server storage. It can also be a valuable solution for smaller companies lacking the internal IT team to manage physical infrastructure.

Deploying secure virtual desktops as a managed service for remote and branch office personnel lets you respond more quickly to changing needs and opportunities. Virtual desktop solutions are scalable, fully secure and highly available to ensure maximum uptime and productivity without impacting performance.

Personalize your desktop according to your essential applications, and make changes as your workflow shifts. Desktop virtualization is ideal for companies that operate primarily on computers and work with teams in multiple locations.

Storage virtualization reduces the complexity of managing storage environments by centralizing, simplifying, automating and optimizing the tasks associated with storage systems, storage networks, replication services and capacity management. With a modular approach to storage resource management, organizations can leverage existing investments and expand storage capabilities, as business needs demand.

If your physical data storage solutions are challenging to maintain or pushing your budget to its limits, virtualization can be a helpful next step. When your company relies on high-volume data, storage virtualization makes you more agile and prepares you for possible adverse events.

Virtualization breaks down dependencies between software and hardware. By delivering compute, storage, networking, security and availability services in software, along with policy-based provisioning and automated operations management, the software-defined data center is an effective, resilient and cost-efficient approach to delivering and managing the IT infrastructure.

This solution combines multiple virtualization approaches to give your team the utmost flexibility. Networking, storage, security and CPU are all virtualized, while operation and configuration are managed on physical hardware. This solution allows you to automate all functions for improved daily efficiency. 

Why Choose Focus for Virtualization?

Virtual environments present complex challenges to IT administrators. At Focus, our professional team takes a personalized approach to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each solution to securely and efficiently create your preferred virtual environment. Focus has been performing consolidation projects for years, and our proven methodologies can smooth your transition from a physical to a virtual infrastructure.

With so many virtualization solutions, Focus Technology can meet your needs for the long term. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options further and find the right solution for your team. 

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