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Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Converged Infrastructure solutions are gaining momentum as organizations embrace centralized computing for more predictable application delivery, easier management, greater cost efficiency and comprehensive security. 

Data centers are becoming less hardware-defined and more software-defined, allowing IT to improve infrastructure agility and simplify system management. As a result, converged infrastructure solutions are ideal for:

  • Data center consolidation
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Unified communications and collaboration
  • Enterprise applications
  • Private Cloud / Hybrid Cloud

Converged infrastructure solutions are tested and validated for a variety of workloads, taking the effort and guesswork out of sizing, configuring and integrating data center components. They also provide centralized, policy-based management, enabling organizations to do more with existing resources and to optimize capacity and performance to meet changing demands.

What Is Converged Infrastructure? 

Converged infrastructure is a prepackaged bundle of systems with management software, networking, servers and storage. These systems come pretested to simplify and streamline the process of building a software-defined infrastructure.

Converged infrastructure solutions offer several advantages:

  • Speed: Converged infrastructure helps companies build data centers rapidly with a quick time to value because the systems come preconfigured.
  • Silos: Engineers typically design these systems to eliminate common information silos from traditional IT storage and compute. The prepackaged setup minimizes compatibility issues and simplifies the management of the system’s installation.
  • Cost: Converged infrastructure solutions can help companies save on troubleshooting costs since professionals have already confirmed the compatibility of the bundle.

Focus Technology can revolutionize your data center’s operations with optimal efficiency through IT infrastructure transformation services.

How to Deploy Converged Infrastructure

Organizations typically deploy converged infrastructure in one of two ways — as a reference architecture or as a pre-racked configuration.

  • Reference architecture: These configuration guidelines serve as a blueprint for the quantity, type and connectivity of the resources within the converged system. Organizations can incorporate existing equipment into the configuration. This approach makes it easy to scale individual components up or out.
  • Pre-racked configurations: As the name indicates, these configurations feature a data center rack where all storage, compute and network components are already installed — and often connected and cabled. This option is ideal for organizations looking for the fastest deployment. Pre-racked configurations allow for scale-outs as needed.

Converged Infrastructure vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure aims to reduce the complexity that can come with the deployment of storage, network and compute resources. Another option, hyperconverged infrastructure, works toward the same goal with a different approach. This type of solution features software-defined networking, storage and compute, and it is a popular choice for organizations that use commodity servers.

While both options have their advantages, converged infrastructure is ideal for organizations that prefer a combination of software and best-in-class hardware. Converged infrastructure provides a platform for modular, repeatable deployment that performs consistently.


Focus Technology Solutions is uniquely qualified to help customers take advantage of converged infrastructure solutions to create a more flexible, efficient, cost-effective data center. 

Focus Technology delivers solutions that improve company ROI in three key ways — deployment, workloads and cloud operations. We help teams scale their production at a rapid pace with turnkey solutions that are easy to deploy and manage.

Our professionals also tackle high-performance workloads by optimizing efficiency for software applications like Oracle, SQL, VDI, Epic and SAP. Converged infrastructure offers an opportunity for our team to equip you with an all-inclusive platform for hybrid cloud services.

Our engineers are certified at the highest levels with leading manufacturers and have proven expertise in the design and integration of multivendor environments. This experience is invaluable in maximizing the full potential of converged infrastructure solutions. Here are examples of ways in which we are helping customers today:

  • Realize the full business value of a converged infrastructure
  • Provide guidance on choosing the right converged solution
  • Assist with the physical and logistical deployment of a converged infrastructure solution
  • Fill staffing roles to help manage systems or transfer system management knowledge
  • Deliver creative financial solutions to help provide the capital needed for purchasing total converged solutions
  • Integration with newer technologies, such as cloud computing


At Focus, our goal is to make sure that your IT infrastructure and assets are utilized as efficiently as possible to maximize the return on your investment. Focus’s team of professional thought leaders have deployed converged infrastructure solutions for mid-sized to enterprise organizations across the Northeast. 

With our premier level partnerships and proven methodologies for implementing software-defined technologies with built-in security, we help our customers realize fast time-to-value, cost savings and performance driven efficiency in the data center.

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