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Network Design and Optimization

You never have enough staff and keeping their training up-to-date is expensive.

From bring your own device (BYOD) access to cloud storage, ensuring all aspects of your network have the proper security patches and can work together efficiently, is a huge burden for many businesses. Many customers find themselves unable to successfully configure and deploy some of their network functions, have unknown security issues, or are faced with hidden compatibility problems that cause performance and speed issues

Supporting the increasing storage and bandwidth needs, as well as supporting end-users, applications, mobile and security can be overwhelming both in terms of staffing and operational costs. For SMBs it can be a struggle to employ a whole IT team with the knowledge and skills required to integrate network management and security policies, conduct capacity planning and ensure optimal network performance. Most SMBs can afford one or two IT staffers and hope that their network is simply good enough. For enterprise organizations, running lean is a way of life for enterprise IT.

Focus Technology fills in the gaps with network architecture services. With our streamlined network assessment, we can address your company’s infrastructure gaps without overextending your team.

What Is Network Design and Optimization?

Network infrastructure refers to all the hardware, software, devices and systems that make your computing operations possible. This infrastructure can include servers, routers, PCs, applications and more, and all of these components work together to facilitate communication between users, devices and applications.

Network design and optimization configure these components to function efficiently according to company goals. On the design side, IT professionals find a way to minimize expenses while maximizing capabilities. This process can include introducing cloud technology, virtualizing components and adding data backup. Optimization may involve tools to improve efficiency and ensure updates occur regularly among your components.

Your current network may not suit your company as it stands. Network design and optimization help you keep what works and make necessary improvements. Once an IT professional works with your infrastructure, you can find widespread technology and communication changes across your organization. 

Benefits of Network Optimization

Network design and optimization can help you elevate your existing systems to create a more functional and efficient operation. When Focus Technology employs IT network infrastructure services, you can experience advantages like:

  • Increased throughput: Optimization removes hurdles from your network that limit transition capabilities. With updated and functional systems working together, your team can experience a better-connected network with faster response times and fewer inconsistencies.
  • Improved productivity: With your systems running more efficiently, your team can achieve more in less time. Stronger communication and faster response times can significantly impact workflow across departments.
  • Reduced costs: Downtime from technology hiccups and slower communications can lead to lost customers, more repairs and overall reduced efficiency. Rather than spending more on old systems, optimization will get you the best performance possible without overextending your resources. 
  • Enhanced security: Optimization comes with improved network analytics. With a close eye on the traffic within your systems, you can quickly identify and neutralize threats before they pose a problem to your data.
  • Elevated customer experience: Your technology directly affects how you interact with your consumer base. When your systems run more efficiently, you can provide faster, more accessible services. When consumers have a frictionless experience with your company, they will continue doing business with you. 

Our Network Infrastructure Services

You never have enough staff and keeping their training up-to-date is expensive. Focus Technology can solve these problems by providing network design and optimization services on a project basis. We have optimization and analysis tools to help you contain costs and simplify management. Our network architecture experts will design a solution that meets your technology needs within your budget.

Our certified network experts can help you make sense of all the new networking technology, helping you solve challenges such as:

  • Controlling and accommodating growing bandwidth requirements and costs. Especially for those using or considering virtual desktops.
  • Evaluating your escalating bandwidth needs and current WAN, to decide if it can handle your traffic, or if you require a high-performance WAN.
  • Implementing new virtual switching technology
  • Deploying WAN optimization tools to deliver consistent service levels
  • Assessing current data protection, backup and duplication for remote offices and between data centers
  • Enhancing application performance over the WAN
  • Consolidating remote office IT infrastructure into data centers, while assessing LAN application performance over the WAN
  • Implementing RTO/RPO DR solutions over the WAN and much more…

Your network can come with a range of challenges, and Focus Technology is here to address them. Network design and optimization can support a range of goals, and our team will find a way to execute changes according to your needs. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, we tailor our solutions to your company. 

Why Choose Focus for Network Design and Optimization

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take all of the exciting new network technologies that can help your business productivity, and design a solution that simplifies your operations, improves application performance and ensures network security? We can. If you need network design and optimization services our expert team will take the time to listen to your challenges and design a solution that fits your needs and budget. At Focus, our engineers are certified network experts that receive continuous training in all areas of WAN/LAN design, implementation and optimization. We can keep your data centers running at their best while containing the burdensome costs of ever-increasing bandwidth requirements. If you want to outsource your network management, check out our Managed Services options.

A significant part of our work is educating you on your options and how we can help. If you still have questions about network optimization or you want to learn more about our capabilities, get in touch with our team today.

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