Network Design & Optimization

You never have enough staff and keeping their training up-to-date is expensive.


From BYOD access to cloud storage, ensuring all aspects of your network have the proper security patches and can work together efficiently, is a huge burden for many businesses. Many customers find themselves unable to successfully configure and deploy some of their network functions, have unknown security issues, or are faced with hidden compatibility problems that cause performance and speed issues.

Supporting the increasing storage and bandwidth needs, as well as supporting end-users, applications, mobile and security can be overwhelming both in terms of staffing and operational costs. For SMBs it can be a struggle to employ a whole IT team with the knowledge and skills required to integrate network management and security policies, conduct capacity planning and ensure optimal network performance. Most SMBs can afford one or two IT staffers, and hope that their network is simply good enough. For enterprise organizations, running lean is a way of life for enterprise IT.

You never have enough staff and keeping their training up-to-date is expensive. Focus Technology can solve these problems by providing network design and optimization services on a project basis. We have optimization and analysis tools to help you contain costs and simplify management. Our network architecture experts will design a solution that meets your technology needs within your budget.

Our certified network experts can help you make sense of all the new networking technology, helping you solve challenges such as:

  • Controlling and accommodating growing bandwidth requirements and costs. Especially for those using or considering virtual desktops.
  • Evaluating your escalating bandwidth needs and current WAN, to decide if it can handle your traffic, or if you require a high performance WAN.
  • Implementing new virtual switching technology
  • Deploying WAN optimization tools to deliver consistent service levels
  • Assessing current data protection, backup and duplication for remote offices and between data centers
  • Enhancing application performance over the WAN
  • Consolidating remote office IT infrastructure into data centers, while assessing LAN application performance over the WAN
  • Implementing RTO/RPO DR solutions over the WAN and much more…

Why Choose Focus for Network Design & Optimization

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take all of the exciting new network technologies that can help your business productivity, and design a solution that simplifies your operations, improves application performance and ensures network security? We can. If you need network design and optimization services our expert team will take the time to listen to your challenges and design a solution that fits your needs and budget. At Focus, our engineers are certified network experts that receive continuous training in all areas of WAN/LAN design, implementation and optimization. We can keep your data centers running at their best, while containing the burdensome costs of even-increasing bandwidth requirements. If you want to outsource your network management, visit our Managed Services section.

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