New Linux Vulnerability Found

If you run Linux in your organization, patch your servers immediately. A Linux vulnerability that affects all kernels since 5.8 August 2020, has been disclosed by security researcher Max Kellerman.  The exploit is known as “Dirty Pipe”, it allows non-privileged users the ability to overwrite data of read-only files, which can lead to privilege escalation. …

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The Cyber Insurance Problem

Lloyds of London wrote the 1st Cyber Insurance policy in 1999, which has become an $8 billion market in the US alone. A fact that has become a blessing and a curse depending on who you ask.   The problem for the industry has been the rise of the business of ransomware and the degree it …

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why does IT infrastructure matter

Why Does IT Infrastructure Matter?

Your organization’s IT infrastructure is the backbone of your operations. Every component matters, from your network security package to your choice of an on- or off-site data center, and this infrastructure requires a customized management approach. Discover more about the benefits of IT infrastructure and why it’s critical for businesses to maintain with this article. …

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An Uptick in Cybercrime: How to Prepare Against Malicious Hackers

Posted by Bill Smeltzer on Tue, May 11, 2021 Find me on: LinkedIn By Bill Smeltzer, CSO Preparation for a cybercrime to infringe on your digital environment is a key component in the safety of your network and is top of mind for your hired IT professional, especially during these fully digital out of network work-from-home …

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