Have you heard the term, “Social Engineering Hacking”?

Posted by Bill Smeltzer on Thu, Jul 23, 2020
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By Bill Smeltzer, CSO

JULY 23, 2020 — With social engineering hacking, the hackers use information about a person found on social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, TikTok). What you may think is a harmless post can provide hackers with enough information to get access to your valuable accounts and data.

For example, a hacker might be able to get your date of birth from Facebook. If you post a picture while on vacation, they might even be able to figure out  where you stayed while there. This information may be enough for them to set the wheels in motion to steal your identity and get access to your accounts.

What can you do to prevent being hacked? Watch the below video from the Hackers Conference, where a reporter allowed himself to be hacked to demonstrate how easy it really is.

Watch the video here: https://cnn.it/32HuOO8

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