End User Computing (EUC)

The Challenges of Delivering Applications in an Increasingly Virtual World


End User Computing Challenges

In today’s global economy, remote-access is a high priority for most organizations. From delivering business applications access, so your sales team can answer questions at a client’s site, or data and application access so employees can work remotely, many organizations are considering virtual desktop solutions or virtual applications. To effectively implement a virtual desktop solution or a virtual application solution, you need to ensure that you consider the following aspects:

  • Application performance – One of the downsides of virtual access is that uploading and downloading large amounts of data can be slow. Delivering virtual access requires a coordinated effort of network bandwidth, server speed, application compatibility and more.
  • From authenticating users to backing-up your data, you will need to ensure that your network remains secure, when providing remote access. There are a number of considerations, from your mobile policy (BYOD vs. company-owned) and any Mobile Application Management (MAM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM), to ensuring you have secure and up-to-date user authentication for any device accessing your network. This is where many companies need support, as out-of-the-box solutions generally do not cover all security variables, and can leave holes in your network security.
  • It is important that you look at your system holistically when you deliver virtual desktop or cloud-based application solutions. What software will you be using? What additional security and network resources will you need for your solution to operate efficiently? How much will the licensing cost? Who will do the testing? These are just some of the questions we can help you answer.

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Creating Virtual Desktop & Application Solutions that are Secure & Efficient

We design virtual solutions that separate the desktop environment and related application software from the client hardware used to access your environment. A comprehensive desktop environment management system can be designed using desktop virtualization in conjunction with application virtualization, via a user profile management system, a.k.a user virtualization.

At Focus, we look at your system holistically to ensure that your entire network can support your virtual desktop solution. If you do not consider your entire network when you design your solution, your company will end up with a poor user experience, complicated by unexpected issues and security concerns.

At Focus, we design virtual desktop solutions that incorporate network, architecture, data center, and mobile needs. From data center products to third-party software security and end-user devices, we consider all the variables. We design, deploy and test your solution to ensure you have a superior virtual desktop or virtual application solution.

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