What Is An IT Managed Services Provider?

There are quite a few definitions of what a managed IT service provider does, but the best one is a company that is the proactive manager that maintains & monitors an organization’s IT systems on a regular basis while having the expertise to do so. The company here is known as Managed IT Service Provider or MSP. This company charges a monthly fee to handle these tasks at an Organization.

MSPs also have extensive packages that offer organizations software and technology updates, backup and disaster recovery, firewall monitoring, document management, data security, data storage, intrusion detection and any other services that keep the technology at a client running smoothly.

To keep their costs in check and improve efficiency, most MSPs employ remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to help keep tabs on their clients’ IT functions. RMM software lets MSPs remotely troubleshoot and correct problems and issues with servers and endpoint devices. With RMM, MSPs can manage numerous customers’ IT systems simultaneously.

The proactive management of a Managed Services Provider ensures system optimization which in turn increases employee productivity and therefore company profitability. The MSP is equipped with technology to prevent any problems that could occur or detect them well beforehand and resolve them so that the Client’s technology continues to function uninterrupted.

Small and medium-sized businesses are typically the customers of IT Managed Service Providers. A lot of smaller companies also hire MSPs to obtain IT expertise as they have limited in-house IT capabilities.


With both hardware and software components of IT systems constantly evolving, businesses with limited resources are finding it very difficult to cope and keep up with the changing technology, with an IT Managed Services Provider, they are able to enjoy the advantages of the latest IT solutions at a fraction of the cost.

The importance of timely reliable services, that prevent and fix problems for organizations is the crux of managed services today. Organizations that are using MSPs that focus on their IT Systems, are able to keep up the pace of the changing technology environment and grow.

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