Helping our customers transform to data driven organizations

Posted by Larry Veino on Thu, Dec 17, 2020

Lawrence Veino Jr.

By Larry Veino

For over 20 years, Focus Technology has always put the customer first and continued to invest where our customers have needed our assistance.  We have accomplished this by focusing on three core competencies:

  1. Our traditional VAR business, where we provide solutions and expertise around deploying and securing infrastructure
  2. Our cloud practice, where we providing assessments, migrations and optimization of cloud services
  3. Our managed services capabilities, where we manage those environments or provide targeted solutions within them

In short, we have helped our customers store, secure, and manage their data.

More recently, we have been helping our customers use that data to drive a competitive advantage, get closer to their customers and solve business problems.  This month, we announced the acquisition of IntegritD, a company that specializes in data engineering. You can read the official press release here.

Our Focused Goal Diagram

Working with IntegritD’s data management expertise  allows us to accelerate that effort and help our customers with the digital transformation of their organizations. Digital transformation is an industry trend and an agenda priority for most CIO/CTOs.

But what is it really? It’s all about modernizing business processes, models and the organization itself. It also involves new methods of conducting business and automating manual tasks and common processes, which results in the creation of lots of data. This data comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be in applications like a CRM tool, any number of database flavors, machine data and logs, social media feeds or simply collections of files.

For companies to effectively take advantage of all this new data, they need to build a data foundation that is scalable and extensible. That involves understanding all the relevant data needed (data sources), how the data should be organized and structured (data warehouse) and how and where it should be stored (on premises or public cloud). Once the data foundation is built, you can layer on visualization or dashboard tools for business intelligence and data analytics. From large retailers and financial institutions to smaller manufacturing companies, organizations of all sizes are looking to use data to understand customer behavior, be more responsive in the market, improve customer service and unlock new revenue streams. This is exactly what the IntegritD team has been helping customers do.

We are excited to have them join the Focus team, and equally excited about our ability to help our customers by not only helping them store, secure and manage their data, but now also by helping them transform their respective organizations into data driven ones. Together, we will engineer data to drive business–and that is our “Focus”ed goal.



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