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Posted by Mike Godfrey on Mon, Jun 22, 2020

By Mike Godfrey, VP, Engineering

JUNE 22, 2020 — The ‘Anything as a Service’ model has made the financial barrier to new technology virtually non-existent.  With these service models, any organization can invest in new technology with the option of “turning it off” at any time; no additional charges accrued from that point on.  This is particularly true as it relates to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

IDC published a five-year forecast for the worldwide virtual client computing software market. In it, Shannon Kalvar, research director, IT Service Management and Client Virtualization Software, IDC, said this:
As more enterprises undergo digital transformation to the 3rd Platform of computing — comprising cloud, mobility, big data/analytics, and social business — the mechanisms by which we access business process and data have shifted. Part of that shift has been the growing capability of virtual client computing to meet graphically intensive applications in a seamless fashion. In the future, as clients abstract into endpoints integrated with the environment, virtual clients will play a vital role in stable engagement with the digital organizations’ intelligent core.*

VDI is the underpinning of the employee work experience, and VDI is the enabler that makes it happen. In fact, one of the biggest contributions to employee engagement is the ease by which employees can access information required to complete their work.

The truth is, more engaged employees are much more productive than their less engaged colleagues; they provide a larger contribution to the success of an organization. With easy and secure access to the data and insights they need to complete their jobs — anytime, from anywhere — employees experience a sense of empowerment, which enhances their overall work experience.  Research has shown that more engaged employees are more innovative and self-starting than their less engaged counterparts. In this global environment where more organizations are instituting work-from-home policies, a workforce comprised of self-starters is crucial for the viability and success of a company.

Focus has been providing VDI solutions for  customers for many years. Over the past few years, we have seen a rising trend towards the cloud operating models, as the barrier to entry is drastically lower than purchasing new hardware and licensing dedicated to your VDI environment.

Most VDI providers offer calculators to help estimate the cost of a VDI solution tailored to your organization. (See links below.) But they do not always tell the full story. For example, a calculator won’t factor in things like egress charges, load balancers, databases, bandwidth connectivity, etc.  To ensure all your bases are covered, don’t rely solely on a VDI calculator. Rather, engage with a certified team of experts who can help you understand exactly how VDI should be deployed for your organization.
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